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Konarie was founded on a passion to make music creation a simple and inspiring experience. Our team is dedicated to bringing great sounding and unique instruments to the reason rack, and outside of the box.

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Download Konarie Chirp

Download the Konarie Chirp from the Propellerhead Shop

Visit the Propellerhead Shop to download the 30 day free trial, purchase or subscribe.


Purchase Sticker Overlay

Buy the Konarie Chirp sticker set from our Etsy shop

The Konarie Chirp sticker overlay is laid out identically to the the Rack Extension and made from high quality removable vinyl. Additionally, the standard global controls such as transport, track selection and patch select are present as well.

Download Manual

Operation Manual for Konarie Chirp (pdf file)

Download the most current operation manual for Konarie Chirp.

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BCR2000 Remote Map

BCR2000 Remote Map for Chirp

Locate the BCR2000.remotemap file in your Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Open the file using either Notepad or Textedit. Copy the text from the download, scroll to the bottom of the BCR2000.remotemap and add it at the bottom of the document.

The "chirp"

The Konarie “chirp” is a sample based Rack Extension synthesizer instrument made exclusively for the Propellerhead Reason rack. It is the first RE synthesizer designed specifically for optional hardware control - the first RE synthesizer you can actually touch.


The layout of the Chirp matches the open source Behringer BCR2000 midi hardware to give the user a true physical

experience. For an authentic experience, you can purchase the sticker kit for the BCR 2000 from the Konarie Etsy store. The Sticker kit is sold separately and the Behringer BCR2000 is available from various retailers and on-line stores. Konarie is not affiliated with Behringer and only leverages the open source hardware as an option. All hardware support is obtained exclusively through the manufacturer and it’s affiliates.


By design, the Chirp is a simple yet powerful musical instrument. There is no mod-matrix, menu diving or complex envelopes. It is straight forward - like analog synthesizers from the 70’s and 80’s. Yet, the hybrid approach
gives the user power and convenience that can exceed analog hardware in many ways. Patch saving, automation, powerful sequencing, digital fx, and the Reason Rack environment open the door to flexibility not possible in the analog realm.

The First Rack Extension Synthesizer You Can Touch